About Me

I think of myself as a design facilitator, using participatory design methods to empower the users of a system, space, or technology to create community-owned end products. My overarching goal as a UX professional is to harness the power of information to improve lives, challenge oppressive structures, and increase the diversity of people engaged in designing technologies that shape our world.

With UX, I have finally found the career path that allows me to combine my love for design, psychology, technology, and social justice . I am introverted and introspective but have a deep interest in getting to know other people and understanding different perspectives of the world. I find organizing information, analyzing research, and creating things through code interesting and exciting. I relish the ability to learn new things with each project.

Other people and things I'm into: Listening to records, dancing, printmaking, sustainable food systems, intersectional feminism, architecture, reading, bell hooks, Beyoncé, and macchiatos.