a system that is being built to help parents and children keep in contact and keep track of their schedules. It encourages children to be responsible and provides parents with a system to reward them for it.


Create wireframes for the kid's view of the Akability website. Include features to allow them to keep track of their tasks, points toward rewards, and communication.

Solution Overview

Included is an option for parents to leave an encouraging note for their children that would be displayed to the child upon logging in. This leads to the main screen, which uses four floating circles to playfully display the available tasks/activities, total points earned, the child's chosen rewards, and the family discussion "wall". The green bar around each shows progress toward the task goals and the rewards, and badges can be earned and displayed at the top of the page.

What I Learned

  • How to break out of my comfort zone and think from the perspective of the user (a child)
  • How to think on my feet and make quick but supported decisions
  • How to work the values of multiple stakeholders into the sociotechnical elements of a website.

Welcome page wireframe - Badges earned from doing chores the previous day and an encouraging statement from parent.

Wireframe of the main page - calendar icon and today's chores listed, earned badges displayed along the top, and "Rewards", "Activities", "Points", and "Family Wall" linked.

Activities page - Task list on the right shows expandable links for morning, afternoon, and evening chores. The activities (chores) are listed in the middle along with their point value. Links to the rewards, points, and family wall pages surround the main circle.

Rewards page - The rewards offered by the parents and chosen by the kids are shown along with the child's progress toward each. The green highlight indicates that reward has been earned.

Points page - Shows total points earned since last reward was redeemed, lists the activities completed to earn those points, and lists points earned this week out of the number available for the week.