Discover Dental

a system that is being built to help parents and children keep in contact and keep track of their schedules. It encourages children to be responsible and provides parents with a system to reward them for it.


This project was created for the CHI student design competition. The challenge presented was to use technology to empower an underserved population. Our goal was to help bridge the large gap that exists between low-income adults and dental health.

Solution Overview

We designed a kiosk that provides information on dental health and its relation to overall health and to connect people with low-cost community dental clinics and resources. The kiosks are simple and modular for ease of use and expandability. We aimed to provided knowledge (of oral and overall health issues and how to prevent them) and resources (low-cost clinics and tips) to empower people to take ownership of their dental health. In order to meet people where they are and cater to a population that often lacks much spare time, the kiosks are meant to be placed in areas where people are already waiting, like bus terminals, pharmacies, and state department offices.

What I Learned

  • How to move forward with an ambiguous goal and little direction
  • How to become a more effective interviewer, how to listen and work with the real experts - users - to get to the bottom of a problem
  • How to prototype in Axure
  • How to remain self-motivated through a self-led and time-consuming project
  • How to write a comprehensive research paper

One of the initial brainstorming sketches for the dental kiosk form

A team brainstorming and idea refining session

A piece of our affinity wall used to organize themes after interviews

Early wireframe for kiosk interaction

Digital prototype

Informational poster created for the CHI Student Design Competition