Weather Underground

a weather information provider that aggregates and synthesizes data from more than 80,000 Personal Weather Stations. The Weather Underground website is designed for two types of users: visitors to the site and contributors of weather data.


Weather Underground is looking to overhaul their support system for personal weather station (PWS) users on their website and to decrease member attrition rates. Our team looked at the motivations and backgrounds of personal weather station owners, how they currently solve problems with their personal weather stations, and how Weather Underground can best support them.

Project and Solution Overview

We performed an initial analysis and interaction map of the help resources on the Weather Underground website, conducted and coded five user interviews, put out a survey that was completed by 596 users on the site (this number helped us surpass a 95% confidence level and 5% confidence interval for the survey results).

What I Learned

how to break out of my comfort zone and start thinking from the perspective of a child, how to think on my feet and make quick but supported decisions, and how to work the values of multiple stakeholders into the sociotechnical elements of a website.

Interaction map we created (and Alice and I designed) to understand paths users may take on to troubleshoot issues with their personal weather stations.

One of the graphs I created during survey analysis. Displays the effect of lenght of PWS ownership on the help methods used.

Comparative analysis table. Compares a number of related systems on our 10 key measures.

Banner on the mobile site that asked users to take our survey.

The full whiteboard during one of our interview analysis sessions.

The team, as drawn by Alice.